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Camera Size and Features of Rugged Industrial Tablet


What are the standard camera sizes fitted in these commercial grade Rugged Tablet ?

Each industrial tablet is uniquely fitted with an ideal camera to enhance your photo and video capturing sessions with seamless ease. Pulling this off entailed getting an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs and matching their specific preferences.

The HG10 Windows Rugged Tablet packs a front 2 million and a rear 5 million camera to capture your favorite images and videos in crisp High-Definition. With this camera, you can zoom in objects from substantial distances, snap the photo and subsequently transmit it to your colleagues or superiors.

The DG07 Windows Android dual system rugged industrial tablet features a front 2 megapixel and a back 8-megapixel camera to alleviate any photography concerns you might have. For clearer images, don’t hesitate to use the 8-megapixel camera to take your photos to the highest level.

The GX07 Windows Android dual system rugged tablet packs a 2 million front and a 5 million rear camera to meet the diverse needs camera needs of your profession. Regardless of your environment, the GX07 tablet never fails to impress especially when you are an avid photo fanatic. This industrial tablet also features a 3D Dongle attached to a USB port to provide an unrivaled connection with 3G networks.

What are the industrial applications associated with such cameras?

Tablets for industrial environments are essentially powered by an Intel RealSense Depth Camera that improves productivity and capability. With an tablet at your disposal, you can scan and model various industrial assets with an eye to streamlining efficiency.

Portability and Holding Features of Rugged Industrial Tablet

Whether you are cruising on a utility truck or drafting reports in your office, your commercial tablet should be adept at storing, sharing and capturing data to meet the diverse needs of your operations. To aid in service delivery, the industrial grade tablet is fitted with a slip-resistant material to promote advanced safety for your data and maintaining a firm grip on your hand. Achieving this feat has been expedited by:

A smooth rubber handle that provides a robust slip-free grip.

Wide straps and a padded handle that delivers unmatched comfort for long.

An adaptable back strap to simplify your transport needs.

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